History of the Bells

History of the Bells

1533              Tower had four bells and a Sanctus bell

17th Century   Original bells recast into 3 bells and hung in an oak frame

18th Century    2 new bells and a new Sanctus bell added

1887               Bells retuned and frame repaired

1940               Fourth bell cracked

1949               John Taylors of Loughborough recast 3 of the bells, added a new treble and fitted a new 8 bell metal frame

1997               John Taylors of Loughborough cast 2 new treble bells


Details of present ring of 8 Bells

Treble    4-1-14  Cast in 1997

2nd       4-3-14  Cast in 1997

3rd        5-0-15  Cast in 1949

4th        6-2-1  Cast in 1730, retuned in 1949

5th        7-3-23  Recast in 1949

6th        8-0-3  Cast in 1662, retuned in 1949

7th        12-2-6  Recast in 1949

Tenor     18-2-23  Recast in 1949


Why a tower and a spire?
Wanborough church is famous for being one of three churches in the country with both a western tower and a central spire.  The others are at Purton and Ormskirk.  Why?  Here is one of the tales which tells why Wanborough has both.

Once upon a time, the Lord of the Manors wife was expecting her first born baby, and to mark the occasion the Lord of the Manor offered to pay for the building of a church tower if his wife gave birth to a son, or he would pay for a spire if his wife gave birth to a girl.  However, his wife had twins, a baby boy and a girl, so he built a tower and a spire.