Visiting Ringers

Liddington welcomes visiting bands of ringers:
  • Outings - Visitors welcome, but please avoid Sundays
  • Quarter PealsRequests from tower/branch bands to ring quarter peals are most welcome.
  • Peals -  Liddington bells are not available for peals.  

There have been many requests for the bells for peals, but when the peal policy is agreed, priority will be given to local ringers and those ringers and towers who have supported and contributed to the Liddington Bells Project.

The bells are not available for peals to visiting bands of ringers but when they do become available, the tower web site will be amended to reflect this.  

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association

On Saturday, 2 February 2019 in 2h 29

Liddington, Wiltshire

All Saints

Tenor: 8–2–11 in A

5040 Doubles

7 methods: 6 extents each of Grandsire, Winchendon Place,
Nicholas, Reverse Canterbury, St Martin’s, St Simon’s, Plain Bob

1. George Eycott
2. Anthony G Pullan
3. Michael J Woodward
4. Alan M Eyles
5. Daniel P Knight (C)
6. Malcolm D Barnes

First peal on the bells.
1: First peal
5: First as conductor
Rung as a birthday compliment to Malcolm Barnes


Liddington bells are not available for peals.
When making enquiries to ring at Liddington, please take into consideration the six weeks notice required to allow details of all additional ringing to be published in the Parish Magazine.